Fairly recent things

A lot has happened in this past year…all good…and I’m now at the point where I can make a few of those art ideas that have been rattling around in my head come to life.  Here photos of what I have drawn, quilted and made over the last year.

textile2016 sketch2better sketch1





A Commissioned Quilt

Earlier this year I was asked if I would consider making a signature wedding quilt.  The request was made by the father of the bride.  She wanted a Wedding Ring quilt made in the colours she chose for her wedding…this is the result:

I chose a very simple (and traditional) design for the quilting so that there would be less thread for the wedding guests to have to write over top of.  

Seeing Stars

I’m so excited that I’ve finished quilting my Glacier Star (pattern by Judy Neimeyer). Here’s a glimpse….I won’t post a photo of the whole quilt until after the Saskatoon Quilt Show in October this year.

And, here is a photo of the completed Crown of Thorns quilt I pieced and quilted (this is a pattern by Judy Neimeyer as well!!).  It will be entered in the quilt show in the fall, too.

Silent Sentry

This was made using Tony Whitney’s pattern, Mistral.  I absolutely fell in love with the pattern and knew that I had to make one for my friend, who has a love of horses. The pattern was challenging in that there were lots of tiny, fiddly pieces, but the instructions were easy to follow and it was a joy to see it come together.  I enhanced the mane by adding some gold metallic threads while quilting.

The start of star quilt

Happy New Year everyone!  

I’m excited about how my Glacier Star is shaping up. At first I was a little worried about some of my fabric choices. I challenged myself to choose the main fabrics from my stash…so it’s not exactly as it would have been had I started with a fresh palette.  However, it actually is starting to look pretty good.  I’m not quite ready to post a photo yet, but please stay tuned. 

In the meantime, here’s a photo of a recently completed quilt top I made…gotta use up all the teeny squares!!

Snowy houses and trees

It’s bitterly cold outside as I finish piecing this Snowy Houses and Trees quilt top. The houses and trees are paper pieced. The pattern (designed by Tina Curran) was published as a block of the month by Quilters Newsletter this fall.  I’m going to be on the lookout for buttons and trims to decorate the houses and trees.  Loads of fun!

Throwback Thursday

Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to post photographs of a few of the quilts and textile art pieces that I have made.  You can see more quilts under the “Quilt Gallery” tab at the top of my page.  You can also view my paintings and scratchboard pictures under the “Art Gallery”.  I hope you enjoy looking at the galleries and come back often to visit :).